Student Frantically Mulls Over Options as Former Teacher Approaches in the Hallway

THE HALLWAY — A Trinity Junior was reportedly “rattled as hell” as a former teacher walked towards him in the hallway. “I got a B- in that class last year and she hated me,” reported the nervous teen, who perspired uncontrollably as awkward eye contact was inevitably made. “And then it was running through my head: do I nod, do I say ‘Hi,’ do I wave?” considered the anxious student, who alarmingly realized his phone was not in his pocket to pretend to look at. “I usually resolve to just stare forward, but I was running out of time and you just can’t expect me to be logical in a situation like that!” confessed the sleep-deprived kid, whose primal fight-or-flight instincts had clouded all judgment. Upon passing the teacher, the student’s hand raised an inch and a pitiful “Hi” escaped his lips before he walked faster and reconsidered all life decisions.

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