Students miss Classes, Trinity Delves into Chaos as Sadi Wears the Wrong Colored Shirt

A new scheduling crisis has struck Trinity School. Today, a grand total of 231 detentions were handed out as students struggled to make it to their cascading classes on time. Teachers were seen scrambling out of the lunchroom and across the common areas as students rushed back to the 101 entrance from leisurely D’ags runs. The culprit of this pandemonium? A change of style from Trinity Junior Sadi Gülçelik (‘19). Placing the blame on a hastily planned day of Teacher Workshops, Gülçelik came to school in his signature violet polo on an indigo day. To make matters worse, Sadi’s violet shirt is now in the laundry, leaving Trinity vulnerable to another day of scheduling madness. It is not known when the shirt will be clean enough for reuse. If his polo is not washed by tomorrow, expect another day of chaos and confusion across the Upper School.

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