Top Ten Funkiest Ways to Get Expelled:

What’s up mis amigos. So a lot of you have been telling me, “Hey, Svidrigailov! I need to get out of this school, but I want to leave with a bang!” Well I’ve certainly heard your cries, so here you go, these are the top ten most funky ways to get expelled:

  1. Question the authority of almighty President Sorensen
  2. Preach anti-administration propaganda in the cOmMonS
  3. Set an alpaca loose in the Middle School
  4. Tell Mr. Allman, “I am only here to get into college”
  5. Duct tape a freshman to a wall
  6. Yell “MEMES ARE A LEGITIMATE ART FORM!” during the dead silence of chapel
  7. Light the cafeteria on fire using only a lightly toasted bagel
  8. Show up to school with your backpack. And nothing else.
  9. Run a study guide cartel
  10. Force an English award winner to eat a dictionary

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