Geek Affairs Club Leaders Named “Couple of the Year”

This school year, there have been many notable student relationships that have been the talk of students and faculty.  Each Valentine’s Day, a pair of students whose love and affection for each other outweighs all others are awarded the annual “Couple of the Year” award, which was first created by Dr. Kolman after he realized that within the year he had been at Trinity, he had not organized a Community Time announcement that did not put everyone to sleep within thirty seconds.

Dr. Kolman’s choice last year, Varsity Soccer Captains Natalie Mogul and Phil Kendler, was as predictable and disappointing as the grade you got on your first freshmen history paper.  However, this year, when Dr. Kolman awarded Ursela and Addison the “Couple of the Year” during Community Time, the students instantly erupted into deafening applause.  Towards the front of the freshmen section, Ursela and Addison stood up, hands interlocked and raised Hunger Games style, grinning and waving to everyone.

“They’re so cute! I’m so glad they got picked this year!” a freshman girl beamed.  “It’s great that they were chosen!” Mr. Isaacson agreed as he filled his water bottle.  “And as freshmen too!  Looks amazing on the resume.”

But not everyone was happy with Dr. Kolman’s choice.  A red-faced Maya Dubin ‘19 was seen running from the girls’ bathroom with tears streaming down her face.  “I don’t want to talk about it!” she screamed before storming off.  As she stomped through the hallways, several students heard her mumble: “Three and a half years!  I didn’t come back here for this.”

Despite all the mixed reactions and gossip from the students about this year’s award, Addison and Ursela are textbook examples of how love truly can exist, even within the stark white walls of Trinity School. 

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