Missed Connections

Sports Therapist Looking for Love

I saw you in the office across the hall tending to a twisted ankle.  I like how you diagnosed the student with a concussion.  You have had an imPACT on my life in so many ways.  Please fix my broken heart… I know an ice bag should do the trick.  Meet me in the basement or on the elliptical.


Freshman Looking for Streak

I’m not looking for anything serious—just a snapchat streak.  I don’t care who you are or if I’ve never seen you before in my whole entire life, I just want another person to send blurry pictures of my face to.


Science Teacher Looking for Victim

Hi everyone!  I’m currently working on a project investigating the effects of fire on human skin.  I would really appreciate it if any of the lovely students or teachers here at Trinity would volunteer to help me in my research.  Thank you!


Student Looking for Community Time Announcer

I was sitting down before community time, just wondering about how there are twice as many nipples as people in the world. Dr. Kolman came up and delivered one of his fire jokes.  A normal Tuesday morning.  But then you came on stage, and my whole world was rocked.  I couldn’t even catch the name of your club, because I was just so in love with your outfit from Blue and Gold day.  I’ll be waiting in the library all day for you.


Math Teacher Looking for Math Teacher

You were in the math lab, holding down the fort on your free period.  You didn’t even have to be there.  One student asked for help on a problem, you looked them dead in the eye, smiled, and said, “Well, what do you think?”  It was an absolutely beautiful moment—the kind of moments that make being a teacher worth it.  I was the guy staring in awe.


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