Sophomore Girl Tells All: My 94-Day Snapchat Streak with a Junior Boy

It all started when his friend texted me “wanna hu?” with a tongue emoji as a fun prank on Facebook messenger.  Three days later, I was casually scrolling through his cousin’s girlfriend’s Facebook page when he added me by my username on Snapchat.  I sure felt special after that.

After two more days, he sat at the other end of the cafeteria table my friends and I were sitting at and stared at me while I slowly spooned a plate of hash-browns down my mouth.  Then finally that night, he sent the first Snapchat: a selfie with the caption: “Lol did I see you at lunch today?”  I answered with a casual flirt, asking “4a or 4b?  This new schedule is so random lmao.”  

“More like 4 double-D,” he responded.  I told him I didn’t understand, but then he quickly explained that his friend had taken his phone again.  Okay.  Anyway, we’ve been snapping ever since.  Some days he’ll let me know how tired he is from sports practice and others days he’ll let me know how tired he is from school work.  One time, I screenshotted a selfie of him making a funny face while eating an orange.  Hehe.  I’m going to post it on his timeline for his birthday to show everyone that I’m friends with Juniors.  Because we are friends.  Maybe he even considers me to be something more than a friend.  I mean, he nodded at me in the hallway on my way to math class the other day.  We haven’t talked in person yet, but it’s kind of weird to do that before you hit 100.



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