Navigating “Schemes” and Relationships at Trinity

So congratulations.  You have a scheme (n. a crush; someone you want to kiss on the mouth for an extended period of time).  Now what?  Don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered on how to turn your dream into your reality.

You can think about your crush every day for the remainder of high school, always telling yourself that you’re going to ask them out soon, but never do.  You can go with them to the breakfast cart, buy them a croissant, and then go upstairs while they go to sit at a table with their friends.  You can find them at a party, give them a little tap on the shoulder, gesture towards a couch, then ask them if they want to help you complete your Pokemon Card collection.  You can ask them out to a movie, put your arm around them, lean in and whisper into their ear: “What’s your favorite brand of sneaker?”  You can go on a walk with them in Central Park, gently grab their hand, and start squeezing until they say “mercy.”  You can flush an ice cube down the toilet, cross your fingers for a snow day, watch your crush having fun on their Snapchat Story, and text them “You’re welcome.”

You have options.

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