Top Ten Places to Hang with your Significant Other

  1. The Dark Room:  Enjoy the smell of chemicals while slow dancing under the soft orange light. Thanks to Holton’s boombox you will probably hear the same song fifteen times.
  2. The Caf: Nab them a chocolate croissant and you will truly be a hero… otherwise toasting their bagel can be an equally nice gesture.
  3. The Annex Link: While the lighting is perfect, chat and peer out of the windows and into the courtyard. Note — during the fall and spring you can observe the ~coolest~ of the freshman crowd.
  4. The Language Lab: ….. There’s a Language Lab?
  5. The Ping Pong Table: Enjoy a friendly flirtatious game until Targoff arrives to work on his strokes.
  6. The Garden: Not sure where this one is? Ask Ian DiPietro… and if you still need a date he can help out with that too.
  7. The Morse: Lots of stuff going on here. Balconies, lighting, Al Tulane…. About as romantic as it gets, folks.
  8. The Old Swamp: A better location doesn’t exist. No tables, chairs, couches or seating of any kind. In fact, there isn’t anything there… So what I’m really saying is find yourself an ~egress~ because it sounds sexy.
  9. Trinity House: A good place to be…. If you know how to get in.
  10. Mr. Allman’s Office: Head on over to the head of school and give a rant on the state of traditions in our failing community. They’ll fall right in love.

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