Sad! Freshman Doesn’t Know When To Cut His Losses

Saturday- As debate raged on Trinity’s Discourse’ Facebook page, upperclassmen and alumni across New York sighed as another Freshman dug himself deeper into an argument he would never win. After boldly posting on the relatively quiet Trinity Discourse page, the frosh was quickly overwhelmed by a flood of lengthy paragraphs opposing his points. Not ready to give up the fight, the freshman attempted to respond to the retorts, and even copy/pasted some of his comments in different threads. The audacity!

The fireworks came to an end when a college freshman, reliving his glory days as top dog in Trinity’s school-wide discussions, posted an all-encompassing message upon which the school could agree.

Let this be a lesson to freshman across the school– the best way to survive a sinking ship is to jump off and swim. And whatever you do, refrain from sustaining multiple arguments with a bunch of juniors and seniors while the ship is going down. At least try to bail some water out of the hull or something.

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