Five Slideshow Essentials for Your Athletic Assembly Needs

Here are the five key elements to make your end-of-season school sports recap slideshow a hit!

1. Good music selection

Nothing sets the mood for a good presentation like a nice upbeat tune. If you’re feeling in with the kids, spice things up with some pop music they’re listening to. Taylor Swift never fails! If you’re not feeling that, you can always return to the Rocky Theme song. Classic!

2. More JPEG

Now that you’ve got your music, gather some pictures from parents, coaches, and athletes alike. Look at that crystal clear image quality! That just won’t do– we can’t let society know that personal photography has progressed past polaroid. Add some pixels here and there and the populace will never know!

3. Smoothly edited video clips

Images are nice, but a great way to really elevate your slideshow is by adding some video. Live shots from games are great. Make sure you cut these before any impressive action occurs. Even better, film everything vertically with your phone so it takes up 1/3 of the screen! If the school or a team has published a high-quality video on some streaming platform (Vimeo, for example), don’t even worry about finding the mp4, just do a screen capture and include the frame from that website. Nobody will notice!

4. You clearly weren’t listening when we said we needed more JPEG

I don’t even want to be able to recognize a face by the time you’re done pixelating your images. If your quality remains high, try stretching the photos back and forth until they loosely resemble a colorblind test where you have to squint at the colored circles to try to make out an image.

5. A strand of Peter Frelinghuysen’s hair

Only one substance can ensure a successful Trinity Athletics moment. That’s right, a strand of hair from the leader of TigerAlerts. This is no easy task by any means; there’s often a large crowd gathered around Peter’s hair, caressing the golden locks with a gentle touch. To get past this obstacle, we recommend you try one of these two techniques—

  1. Convince the basketball team that Lawrence Woodmere was ejected from the NYSAIS tournament for performance-enhancing substances. Next, hire a pair of high-school basketball referees for the afternoon. Finally, invite the Boys Freshman Basketball team to scrimmage against Varsity (since nobody has ever been to one of their games, nobody will recognize them as another Trinity team). Peter should be aggressively yelling at the refs about halfway through the second quarter. But don’t jump just yet. He’ll be shouting all game, so wait for that perfect moment to snip a strand of that golden beauty from his mane.
  2. If that’s too ambitious, you could follow the prophecy of the 1709 scrolls to tap into the ultimate source of Peter’s hair. Legend has it that Coach Pat Krieger has a 4’x4′ carpet made of the golden strands covering her office floor. No adventurer has returned from this daunting task, but hey, you’ve got to take some risks if you want to deliver that signature Trinity slideshow.

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