Top Ten Ways To Spend Your Snow Day

Tuesday— Now that it’s been confirmed by the Upper School Office, we wanted to share some fun ways to spend your time away from school!

1. Go sledding in the park

There’s no better way to enjoy your day than by meeting up with some friends, finding that old sled you left in your basement, and searching for the perfect hill in the closest park. Aim for the little kids for bonus points, and shout out “don’t hate the player, hate the game!” as you flee from the parents whose kid you mowed down.

2. Go to the movies

If you want to escape the cold, head to your local theater for some cinema! You could see Will Ketterer-Sykes’ “Una Aventura del Mundo”, fresh off its big night at the Oscars. (Those who don’t understand clearly are not dedicated readers.)

3. Dress up as Santa and yell “Merry Christmas” at little kids

If you’re feeling ambitious, this is really the only way to spend your snow day. If they respond by telling you “no, it’s not Christmas, it’s actually March,” get the last laugh by explaining that Santa isn’t real.

4. Get ahead on your homework


5. Build a snowman

Not only is this a fun, wholesome activity, but it also doesn’t require you to ruin a young child’s day.

6. Open a hot chocolate stand

Repurpose your lemonade stand from last week to sell hot chocolate. Hire a young child to stand behind the stand, and use their financial illiteracy to pay them 50 cents an hour, maximizing your personal profits.

7. Write an article for The Garlic


8. Shovel your driveway

Whip out that Morton kosher salt you’ve been hiding under your bed for the past two months and grab your shovel; it’s working time! Realize you don’t have a driveway and try not to shed a tear when you put back the salt you’re once again unable to use.

9. Throw snowballs at little children

We’re running out of ideas…

10. Have fun

No matter what it is, at the end of the day, make sure to have a smile on your face. Even if it means ruining a young child’s day (it does), this is your snow day, make the most of it!

We’ll see you Thursday!

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