Annual Latke-Hamentaschen Debate Hosted Unironically in Front of a Giant Cross

Thursday– The lights shone bright on the Chapel stage this morning, as Team Latke and Team Hamentaschen battled for the title of best Jewish delicacy. But even brighter than the hopes and dreams of the six speakers presenting their arguments was the shiny metal cross that stretches across the back wall of the Chapel. Trinity, a non-denominational institution, finally balanced out the many Christian holiday celebrations it has held in synagogue Rodeph Shalom with today’s festivities.

Some naive students, repeating what they were told by tour guides when visiting the school, claimed that the cross was in fact not a cross, but instead a ‘T’ for Trinity. Others pointed out that the cross is literally the most recognizable symbol in the world.

When asked to comment on the cross, Samira Iqbal ’19 remarked, “The cross reminds me of the final scene of The Shape of Water when Eliza dies but then comes back to life when she’s healed by the fish man. It’s a really good movie. I highly recommend you watch it. You’ll never believe how it ends!”

Many students questioned whether the cross really was still there. Yes, it is. This leads to the obvious follow-up question: isn’t it a little weird that Trinity, a supposedly non-denominational school, has a large cross plastered above its community gathering space? We don’t know, and we don’t want to lose our club charter, so we’ll just let that question simmer. If you have thoughts, feel free to tweet them with the hashtag, #FlikSoCheesy, the cafeteria’s slogan for the various grilled cheese memes posted across the dining hall.

Finally, The Garlic would like to officially endorse neither Latke nor Hamentaschen until one dish incorporates garlic into their recipe. Get on it!

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