Student’s “Recommended For You” on Spotify Hits Too Close to Home

Saturday– A local student was rattled to discover that the Discover playlist on Spotify, comprised of songs selected “just for you”, was filled with depressing titles that reflected many thoughts and emotions they tried to conceal. “Usually I just listen to the classics– ‘Sammy Dubner: Unplugged’ and ‘A Very Kingham Christmas’ –but I guess my subconscious has been slipping into my recent music selection, and Spotify caught on.” Although the student wanted to keep the songs to themselves, we decided to make a playlist of our own for you. We call the below playlist “The eight stages of grief for any Trinity student.” Enjoy!

  • Couldn’t Get it Right – Climax Blues Band
    • Nothing summarizes that post-test feeling like this song.
  • I Was A Fool To Care – James Taylor
    • After getting back the above test, just turn on this song to console yourself. I mean, does it really matter?
  • You’re So Vain – Carly Simon
    • Forget about that, you still need to get into college and this grade isn’t helping. It’s time to take it out on your teacher.
  • It’s Too Late – Carole King
    • Your meeting with the teacher did not go well. They tell you not to worry about it, but we all know that’s a lie.
  • Give It Up – KC & The Sunshine Band
    • Might as well just remove Harvard and Stanford from your college list. I guess Yale will just have to do.
  • Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
    • You’ve invested so much time and effort into this, but nothing ever seems to work. Sunk cost fallacy tells you to keep going, but you know you won’t make the same mistakes again.
  • So Far Away – Carole King
    • You may be asking, the second Carole King song on the playlist?! I reply with #CaroleSZN. May 18 is just… too many months away.
  • Put on a Happy Face – Bye Bye Birdie Original Cast
    • You’ve endured the good fight for so long. Now just put on a facade to hide the pain.


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