Students Procrastinate ‘Til Sunday Night, Claim to Have No Regrets

Sunday— It’s that time of week again, where freshmen and seniors alike sit down to start their homework due Monday. Disregarding the countless warnings from their teachers that they’d have “multi-day assignments that you can’t start the night before,” students opened up their books/packets/problem sets for the first time tonight. This wasn’t the plan…

Motivated by the adrenaline rush of the school week ending, students told themselves that they’d start their work Friday afternoon to really open up the rest of the weekend. But these bold claims, at this point in the year understood by all to be no more than pageantry, quickly fell by the wayside as students spent their time after school hanging out with friends or taking a nap.

Saturday was no different. Waking up early to do work? No thank you. Waking up at a normal time to do work? No thank you. Waking up late in the day to do work? To quote famed Trinity Alumnus Randy Jackson ’75, “That’s a no from me, dawg.”

Even though Saturday did not go as planned, everything was still under control; Sunday would be the day of reckoning and students were confident they’d answer the call to action when it came. They did not. Sunday saw a real concerted effort. Students logged onto their computers in an attempt to check Tigernet before succumbing to the distractions of Facebook, Netflix, and Youtube. If you’re like me, you spent the day watching hours of documentaries on Koi fish farming in Japan. You’re probably not like me, but we all have that go-to koi farming video to avoid doing work, and boy oh boy did we spend our entire day watching recommended videos on Youtube, avoiding work like the plague.

So here we are. Sunday night. Full of regrets and knowledge about Koi farming that we’ll never need (unless you take a gap year to travel to Japan and work on a fish farm, something you’re seriously considering after today). We know it’s hard to resist the endless wit and charm of The Garlic, but it’s time to stop. Figure out what to write your essay about, and then write that essay. That is, after watching another hour of Sacramento Koi videos on choosing the right water filter for your personal pond. The night is young, no regrets!

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