Boos Erupt From Back of Chapel After Speaker Implores Students to Follow Their Dreams

Monday— At the age of 25, Emily Warren ’11 has already established herself as one of Trinity’s most successful alumni. Following a different path than most Trinity graduates, Warren believed in herself and took risks to become the world-renown musician she is today. When she came to speak during this morning’s Community Time, students simply couldn’t understand why the administration would invite such an underachiever back to talk to the school.

Cries of “coward!” and “go back to Fieldston!” rang out across the auditorium as students frowned upon Warren’s shirking a career in finance to pursue her passion. An unnamed sophomore could only shake their head throughout ad hoc, declaring Warren was clearly taking the easy way out. The artist told the audience her workday often started by waking up anytime from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Slackers beware, this could be the dark path you’re headed down. Even worse, many of Warren’s supportive family members and friends attended the community time. Behind those wide grins that crossed their faces must have been a scowl that she was not in middle management at Goldman Sachs by now. This morning was a grim reminder of what can happen to a student if they abandon their aspirations of a career in finance. As my uncle, Mr. Jiminy always says, “Keep your dreams full of green and by green I mean centered around money in case I hadn’t already hammered that point home clearly enough.”



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