Spring Break Begins, The Garlic Slacks Off

Friday/Saturday (whoops)— Spring Break has officially begun! That’s right, no school for the next two weeks! Although you won’t be able to see Will Kingham’s dashing smile (he didn’t release his vacation plans to The Garlic, even after intensive inquiry), these two weeks offer the rare opportunity to escape the normal stress of your daily routine at Trinity. And what better way to do say than by studying for the SAT, ACT, or subject tests, working on your junior year final history paper, or hearing decisions from college that determine how you’ll spend the next four years of your life (although let’s be honest, subject test and history papers determine that as well (no pressure)).

Although that’s how you probably should spend your break, odds are it’s not what you’ll actually do. Now that you’ve briefly escaped the blindingly white walls of Trinity, dotted with the occasional stray triangle trying to run away from the math mural (because who wants to be part of a math mural), you’ll slack off and do nothing. You’ll tell yourself that you deserve a few days to rest and recover from the daily school grind. But those days become weeks, two weeks, to be exact, and you find yourself back at 91st and Columbus thinking, “did I ever turn off the sink this morning?” And also, “where’d all the time go?”

We at The Garlic, being the literary minds that we are, decided to imitate this behavior in our writing and missed the deadline for The Daily Dish. It’s like when you write a poem about fish, and then format the lines to look like a fish (shout-out to sixth grade me, a true visionary).

Enjoy your break. Through our official we-didn’t-conduct-a-survey-but-made-up-responses-for-you survey, we found overwhelming excitement for Break. Sam Davidson ’21 was most looking forward to “sleeping.” Emma Eisenberg ’20 couldn’t wait to “spend some quality time with her family.” Nina Kolman ’19 begged, “please help me! My dad is the principal, there is no escape!” Oh, Nina, you jokester…. A perplexed Dash Wasserstein ’18 asked, “didn’t break start two months ago?”


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