Lesson in Humility: Parents Decide to Teach Students About the Real World by Taking them to Vail Instead of Aspen

Friday– Many Trinity students have embarked on luxurious travel this Spring Break, but some parents weren’t going to let their children enjoy the time off from school without a lesson. That’s right, instead of taking their children on an extravagant trip, two area parents decided to teach their family how most of America vacations. The family traded the comfort of their third home in the hills of Aspen for a rental in Vail. Reached for comment on the controversial decision, the parents responded, “We’re not savages— we didn’t take them to Vermont!” The students were less excited, claiming, “[our] friends who go to the Alps already made fun of us for staying in the U.S. over break. Now, I can’t even Snapchat the view from our chateau overlooking the Rockies!”

Although this window into the world of the average American must certainly be taking its toll on this family, the trip is worth it. As the parents emphasized in their letter to Child Protective Services, they really wanted to give their children a glimpse into the real America. Pointing out the ramshackle resorts and spas of Vail, one parent exclaimed, “This is Middle America; this is why Trump was elected!”

We at The Garlic stand by this audacious Spring Break. It’s good to see Trinity students finally learning about the working man’s plight!

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