Thanks For The Laughs

EDIT: Yes, this was an April Fools Day article. Gotcha! If you’re reading this after the fact, I’m sorry to ruin it for you before you’ve even read it. This was apparently too believable, even on April 1st, so we want to make sure everyone knows The Garlic stampedes forward unimpeded! 

Sunday— We are heartbroken to inform you that this is our final post. Dr. Kolman delivered the sentence yesterday— The Garlic may no longer write online. After debating our options to appeal the decision, we have accepted our unfortunate fate.

We messed up. And for that, we sincerely apologize. In an effort to continue pushing the envelope, The Garlic published an inappropriate article this past Saturday that was quickly taken down. Although the article was on the website for little more than fifteen minutes, the damage was done. We own up to our mistakes and sincerely apologize to those we offended.

On behalf of everyone at The Garlic, I want to thank you for tuning in over the past month or so for a Daily Dish. This brief stint has been an absolute pleasure and perhaps the highlight of my Senior year. I’ll miss churning out late-night articles and discussing ideas with countless members of the community. I will always look back on this publication with a sparkle in my eye. We’ve accomplished something I previously thought impossible at Trinity School (humor). Hopefully, with a little time, the administration will allow for The Garlic to return to publishing our work. If not, I implore you future generations of Trinity students to continue what we started in some form. Thanks for the laughs. I’ll never forget what we started here.

Godspeed and God bless America,

The Garlic

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