Investigative Journalism: Did I Forget Spanish over Break or Did I Never Speak It in the First Place?

Tuesday— I walked into Spanish class, excuse me *la clase de Español*, this morning grinning from ear to ear. Little did I know, I was in a for a rude awakening. As I sat down to take my seat, I made some small talk with Will Kingham ’18 (Will isn’t actually in my Spanish class, in fact, I think he takes French. But I wanted to add more content to the #WillKinghamIsDreamy tag, so we’re taking some creative liberties).

As my conversation with Will died down, my ears picked up on a strange new sound. “Hola, Estudiantes!” What was this foreign tongue? Did I stumble into the wrong classroom? Had the haunted spirits finally found me after seven years on the run? I looked up and locked eyes with Señora Ortigosa, still possessed, chanting this new language. Rattled, I turned to my peer Will Ketterer-Sykes ’20, famed director of “Una Aventura del Mundo”, and asked what was going on. He responded “¿Que? Señora está hablando Español. Todo es normal.” I replied “Will, I have no idea what you’re saying. Also, I’m going to briefly break the fourth wall to ask: who actually speaks to other students in Spanish class in Spanish? I thought teachers just said that as a joke.”

Something was wrong. Very wrong. While my friends had spent the past two weeks practicing their Spanish at the Buenos Aires Ritz Carlton and the Barcelona Four Seasons Resort & Spa, I had slowly forgotten everything that seemed so firmly ingrained in my mind. Or maybe I hadn’t. Maybe I never was able to speak Spanish, I’m sorry *Español*,  in the first place. I found myself faced with a brief existential crisis. I tried to remain level-headed by taking some deep breaths and searching through some notes for aid. I want to say it helped, but I don’t want to lie. Luckily, my prayers were soon answered when my saving grace, none other than Will Kingham ’18 himself stood up and started singing a Spanish lullaby his mother used to sing to him every night before bed. It all made sense again, and I really made sure that this article merited a #WillKinghamIsDreamy. It was a wild day for sure, but this investigation has found a happy ending!

¡Hasta la proxima vez!


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  1. Very interesting article Cramer! I still have hope for you though. You know you can always practice your Spanish watching movies like “A Fantastic Woman” (by the way, “español” is written in lower case and “próxima” and “¿qué?” are missing the written accent…ehem..)
    Sra. Ortigosa


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