Way To Go! Hundreds of Students Gathering Tonight For Charity

Thursday— Can it get any better than this? It’s so good to see so many members of the Trinity community sacrificing the first night of their long weekend to come together for a great cause! That’s right, while most students across the city would use the time to get a head start on any travel or partying, Trinity students have committed themselves to helping the good people of Baja, Mexico. Baja Bound, an organization somewhat associated with Trinity (it’s complicated) decided to throw a gala to raise money for their upcoming trip this summer. The people of Trinity School have really rallied around the cause, with hundreds of tickets already sold and more on the way. Black tie is recommended, but not required.

Baja Bound’s leaders, Max Vogliano and Teá Murphy, released a statement exclaiming, “we’re so excited Trinity students had chosen to prioritize doing good over their own personal enjoyment.”

For years, Community Service leaders at Trinity questioned why turnout to charitable events was so sparse. Thanksgiving dinner with the community and countless bingo nights were always short on volunteers. But it looks like the era of lackluster service is finally over! Students were overheard in the hallways this morning saying, “I can’t wait for Baja! Finally gonna go for my scheme!” Tonight, we’re all scheming a better future for the good people of Mexico!

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