10 Things We Learned at Baja Bash (Students’ Dance Moves Expose Severe Lack of Diversity)

Friday— Wow. That charity event last night was not what I expected! So much good work for the community! Any newcomer to school-wide parties definitely walked away from Baja with a few select thoughts:

  1. I now understand why yesterday’s Garlic article was satire.
  2. So this is what the inside of a Ballet studio looks like…
  3. A ballet studio was an interesting choice, but I think it worked out nicely all things considered.
  4. I feel so bad for those bouncers.
  5. I’ve seen things I will never be able to unsee.
  6. How much water and plastic is wasted in all those half-consumed-and-then-discarded water bottles? (This might be a little more niche, but I know there have to be others out there.)
  7. Plastic chairs just aren’t the same.
  8. Coat checks are part of the shadow government’s plot to make us wait in line until we eventually give up and abandon our jackets, forcing us to later buy new jackets and stimulate the economy.
  9. I’m having fun. Right?
  10. Watching Trinity students try to dance really exposes our lack of diversity.

Sam Davidson ’21, who spent his night either huddling in a group of freshmen or pacing around the room with a water bottle in tow, exclaimed, “it looked like Woodstock out there! I think a few kids were legitimately trying to get their disco on.” Danny Brown ’19 questioned whether “the students dabbing were trying to be ironic.” Although some students had slightly varying opinions, we can all agree that last night’s dancing was whiter than an Investment Club meeting.

Parent chaperones Jennifer Vogliano ‘?? and Adrienne Barr ‘?? had little to say as the night wound to a close. “I don’t want to talk about it…” muttered Ms. Vogliano, consumed by a thousand-yard stare.

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