Opinion: The Track Team Should Stop Separating Students by Race

Saturday— The hotly debated question of whether the track team should continue to separate students by race reached its apex this afternoon as Antonella Dec-Prat ’19, leader of the 200 meters affairs club, refused to attend practice in protest of the team’s policies. The controversy has divided classrooms, with some arguing in favor of practicality, others relentless in their pursuit of equality. Captain Mahlon Sorensen ’18, our glorious president who would never steer us wrong, stated, “I understand that on paper it doesn’t sound great to ‘separate by race’, but I feel like we’re misrepresenting what’s going on. It simply doesn’t make sense for our sprinters to practice running distance and vice versa.” (We would like to note that Mahlon pronounced vice versa ‘vice-ah verse-ah’. That’s classic supreme leader Sorensen right there.) But Sorensen’s sentiment was not agreed upon by all. Many critics stated that these views were outdated and don’t belong in our school. “It’s the twenty-first century, and it’s time we act like it” said Pippa Kok ’18, another track captain (yes, there are like twelve of them). She added “long jumpers are people too!”

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