Freshman Astonished That a 35-Slide Prezi Does Not Secure an A

An unnamed freshman was seen staring blankly at a wall in the Hawley wing after receiving a B on their Renaissance Project that included a lengthy Prezi on Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. The freshman, who was wearing $700 Yeezys, adidas joggers, and an Anti-Social Social Club sweater, couldn’t believe that Ms. Wong included a stickman skeleton in her comments that included that phase “this project was a textbook example of death by powerpoint.”

“I can’t believe it, each one of my slides had a different transition! I even included Merriam Webster’s second definition of the word art!” the freshman sobbed while beating their fists against an undecorated section of cinder block. “After that Friday Community Time in November, it seemed like Prezi was the way to go!”

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