“‘The College Process Is a Meritocracy’ Says Double Legacy Student,” Writes Salty Senior Who Did Not Get Into His First Choice

After an unsuccessful early round of applications, Will Cramer ‘18, decided to blow off some steam by taking pen to paper and venting his frustration with a pointedly bitter and sarcastic article in Trinity’s highly-regarded satire magazine that for Mr. Cramer’s privacy shall remain unnamed. Mr. Cramer, who also happens to serve as an Editor-in-Chief for the publication, said, “I believe satire is an incredible outlet that we can use to discuss usually undiscussed issues in our community. I certainly wrote this with honorable intentions and did not just want to feel better about myself by putting others down.” Mr. Cramer, finally realizing that his article may have been too harsh, decided to atone for his mistake by writing an article in which he mocked himself and his previous actions.

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