Ultimate Sacrifice! Freshmen Line Up Next to Building During Fire Drill as First Line of Defense

Tuesday— As the fire alarms sounded ten minutes into second period, freshmen braced themselves for what might’ve been their final stand. That’s right, what started out just like any other day at the office quickly became every freshman’s nightmare. When the fire alarm rang in what was later revealed to be a drill, the high school’s youngest members heeded the call to action. That’s right, in a heroic act of selflessness, every time the fire alarm rings and students evacuate the school, the entire freshman grade stands with their backs against the school’s walls, ready to give their own lives to protect their peers in the event of a fiery explosion.

Letting out a nervous breath, they stood up from their classes and slowly walked through Trinity’s halls and down flights of steps. Those passing through the annex link made sure to kiss the steps before departing. Many ignored the endless “shhh'” emanating from teachers lining the stairwells to call their loved ones and say a final goodbye. The gravity of the moment even emboldened a select few to confess their love to their long time crush before it was too late. These people almost immediately regretted their decision.

For all their usual whining, the frosh stepped up and leaned their their backs on the wall one by one. Mr. Berkowitz, who knows what it’s like to face death, helped ease the minds of the worried freshman with his encouraging words, “be quiet!”

In the end, it turned out to only be a drill and the freshmen live to see another day. As he returned to his Physics class, the always outspoken Brenton Jaffe ’21 remarked “That drill was super clutch. Now we’re going to have to move our test back to Thursday. What were you saying about defending the school?” When asked about her brave stand, Coco Carragher ’21 proudly stated, “wait, is that really the plan?” These freshmen truly personify bravery!

I guess you could call the freshmen ‘Trinity’s Finest.’ I mean they’re still freshmen, so definitely don’t do that. But still, good for them!

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