Another Walk Out? Student Planning to Bring ‘Legalize It’ Sign To School Tomorrow in For a Surprise

Thursday— Tomorrow marks another important day in the movement across the high schools of America to protest gun violence. The March For Our Lives has decided to make tomorrow, April 20th, the nineteenth anniversary of the Columbine shooting, National School Walkout Day. It appears that Trinity students plan to join the march; posters adorned with the slogan “NYC Says Enough!” have dotted hallways for weeks now, and many students have declared that they will join high schoolers from across New York in Washington Square Park to stand against gun violence regardless of the punishment.

April 20th has often been celebrated for very different reasons. This 4/20, while some kids will put on their orange NYC Says Enough sweatshirts and head to the subway station, others kids will put on their green shirts, sunglasses, and bandanas and head to the Great Lawn. Some will chant ‘Ban Weapons, Save The Children”, others will cheer “Legalize It, Save The Children.”

Baking Club was torn. President Margot Kleinman ’18 stated, “both causes are near and dear to Baking Club’s heart. We support everyone fighting for their rights tomorrow.” When asked what he thought about the two events clashing on the same day, Chaplain Lesshouse (name changed for anonymity, of course), would only comment “it’s a great cause, dude… a great cause…” The always outspoken Brenton Jaffe ’21 remarked, “I just hope that the vending machine is restocked before tomorrow. You know what they say– 4/20 is a day full of kids with the munchies, and nothing makes you hungrier than marching against gun violence!”

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