Holy Sunday: Shmoop Employee Doing God’s Work

Sunday— I don’t often pray. But when I do, it’s to ask for the continued health and strength of the good men and women sacrificing their lives for a greater cause. Trinity students turn to Shmoop in times of need (of course only after they have already done their reading). So on this day of worship, we at the Garlic decided that individual displays of gratitude is not enough.

Few documents really stay with us in this always evolving life. But almost every student at Trinity looks to either the Bible, Torah, Quran, Pride and Prejudice Chapters 7-8 Notes, or Don Quixote for guidance (to be completely honest, I have no idea what’s up with Don Quixote. Is it religious, or just like a really good book?)

Sometimes I try mixing things up and will check out explanatory PowerPoints and Prezis from the University of Iowa, but it just isn’t the same. Why Iowa? I have no idea, but they seem to have a large online presence.

We were surprised to find that Jack Wasserstein ’17, recipient of multiple English awards at Trinity, has already joined the ranks of Shmoop while attending college. Seemingly set up for a life in finance, it’s clear Mr. Wasserstein seriously prioritized humanitarian causes. “You know, a lot of people clock in 9-5 for the money, but that wasn’t for me. It’s extremely rewarding to know I’m helping the children of America.”

Mr. Desiderio, Shmoop’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, said “I go to sleep at night with a smile on my face, knowing exactly what my students will say in class tomorrow.”

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