Weird! So Many Teachers Showed Up To Nina Kolman’s Play and We Have No Idea Why

Saturday—  Throughout the years, countless members of the Trinity community have critiqued the student body and faculty for not supporting Trinitarians’ ventures into the arts. But it looks like that might all change soon! That’s right, the Trinity community pleasantly surprised budding playwright Nina Kolman ’19 by showing up to her play, “Sparrows Vs. Magpies” this past Friday. What a wild coincidence that the school faculty was so interested in the principal’s daughter’s work! Ms. Kolman recounted, “at the start of Ad Hoc, the seats in the Chorus room were empty save for a few friends I had asked to come. But then, out of nowhere, a steady stream of teachers decided to stop by. It’s this type of random coming-together that really makes our community special!” Sons of Pitches superfan Ed Schmidt ’71, who has been teaching a playwriting class for many years, claimed to have never seen an audience so large.

Trinity students couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of teachers that decided to attend the reading of Nina Kolman’s play.

The always outspoken Brenton Jaffe ’21 kept his statement short. “Modern, elegant, profound… This was a play for 21st century America!” When asked what he thought of the odd crowd, Mr. Jaffe claimed to be too entranced in the play to notice.

Late to the event, Ms. Messinger, could be heard running through the hallway cursing and asking students “Is Steve there? Gotta make an appearance…”

When asked what she thought of the grandiose turnout, Eleni Wah ’18 hesitated. “Yeah I guess it’s interesting that so many people showed up. I don’t know why though, I certainly didn’t think of going. I wonder wha– ohhh… yeah that makes sense…” Ms. Wah proceeded to slowly walk away backwards, disappearing into a crowd of first graders.

Walking out with blood dripping down their hands after ferocious clapping, teachers could only smile as they recalled that glorious second of eye contact with the principal. Mr. Desiderio bragged, “I looked deep into his eyes, and saw a one-year contract extension.”

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