Symbolic! Chorus Girls Sing “Rise Up” While Boys Stand Above Them

Tuesday— As I sat in Community Time this morning, I was sure this article was going to be an Investigative Journalism piece asking if Jordan Woods is the next Will Kingham. And while that certainly is an article we deserve and an article we need now more than ever, we couldn’t not cover the revolutionary events that went down this morning…

Ms. Bonsignore has really been stepping up her game recently, and chorus’ performance this morning was no exception. Over the years, Ms. B has slowly become more creative in directing the group. Who could forget 2013, the Year of the Sway, or when the singers discovered snapping in 2015. And now, it looks like the next era of Bonsinnovation might have begun!

It was an exciting community time from the start. Charlie Garcia ’21 and his rogue left hand were quickly forgotten when Jordan Woods ’20 stepped on stage. Oh and the orchestra played too, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to that.

Soon, students still reminiscing about Jordan Woods’ incredible performance, many questioning whether he will replace Will Kingham in the years to come, slowly gasped as they realized what was forming in front of their eyes. As Ande Isom ’20 tastefully belted out the opening verse of Andra Day’s empowering song, “Rise Up,” the tired audience immediately picked up their droopy eyelids. That’s right, this performance had as many layers as an onion garlic. A garlic with a lot of layers. Students gasped in astonishment at chorus’ statement. As girls traded off solos, the boys in the group stood ominously on the top steps, looking down on them. It no doubt takes incredible bravery to make a political stand and confront the sexism that plagues our society, but the chorus was up to the task! This will certainly make us reconsider power dynamics next time we see a performance.

Students were vocal following the revolutionary performance. Karen Shi ’18, leader of Girls Who Code, exclaimed, “it was about time some group of students said something! Even if they didn’t actually say anything, and we’re likely applying meaning to something that had no intentions of that, I’m confident this is a big step in the right direction!” The always outspoken Brenton Jaffe ’21 commented, “I didn’t even think of that, but I guess it’s pretty cool. On another note, Will, we need to talk. I feel as if you’re just using me as a mouthpiece for any quote in The Garlic and at some point, you have to diversify your comedy. It was funny at first, but now, either people don’t understand the joke or they do and it’s just overdone and lazy.”

Rumor has it, in response to chorus’ bold move, Mr. Cifelli plans to change the Jazz Band uniform from its signature all-black attire to all-white as a demonstration against institutionalized racism in America. Others speculate that leading a band of almost exclusively privileged white kids playing jazz was itself an ironic piece of performance art to display society’s rampant cultural appropriation.

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