Success! Yearbook Staff’s Months of Hard Work Pays Off as Students Spend One Day Loosely Browsing

Tuesday– After a year of staying at school late on Thursdays, the Yearbook staff has finally released the fruits of its labor. That’s right, the 2018 Bruner is out and students are flocking to pick up their copy! A study by students taking Statistics found that on average, each upper school student spent approximately twenty-five minutes reading their yearbooks last year, up from the twenty-three minute mark in 2016. That being said, the Stats class also claims to have found a direct correlation between students’ absences and test days, which is obvious blasphemy. On a #FakeNews scale from Fox News to CNN (The Clinton News Network), Ms. Wasilewski’s AP Statistics section is right around The Rachel Maddow Show. Make of that what you will…

For the one day in which they circulate throughout the Swamp, yearbooks always bring visceral reactions from the student body. Juniors marveled at the naive hope in their eyes from the start of the year. Freshmen remarked how good they looked back when they actually got eight hours of sleep every night. Seniors chuckled at the Dream/Reality section, pointing out all the sexual references made it through the censoring process unchanged. The club pages are always a universal highlight, as everyone sees the students who let organizations fail under their leadership.

Many seniors read over their personal pages, one they designed and one created by their family, with teary eyes. Some regretted the quotes they chose and were still upset that Rayyan Sarker ’18 didn’t let them change it later in the year even though the final draft hadn’t been submitted. (I don’t forget, Rayyan. I never forget…)

The Yearbook Staff really showed off with their photoshopping skills, so much so that rumor has it there are more doctored photos we don’t even know about! And YBK, don’t think we didn’t notice that one odd page with “Senior Art Projects” at the end of the seniors’ individual pages.

The always outspoken Brenton Jaffe ’21 could not contain his excitement. “Without a doubt, the yearbook is my favorite book about a year! In my opinion, it’s the best publication that comes out once a year– even better than The Trinity Times!” Mr. Jaffe’s name was heard many times today, as upperclassmen scanned to freshmen photos to finally figure out who really was this the mysterious frosh who’s quotes they had read so frequently in The Garlic.

Parents of multiple students at Trinity, who were required to purchase one copy of the $80 book for each child, remarked, “Money well spent! Having one book that nobody ever takes off the shelf for the whole family just isn’t enough. I’m really glad we have so many copies of the same year from when our children were in lower/middle school. Although they only appear in one picture and don’t know 90% of the people in the book, I’m glad we have three copies.”

As the initial hype of The Bruner’s release finally calmed down, Mr. Plonksy kicked his legs back, poured himself a nice big glass of vino rosso, and opened up the front cover, ready to read each page in full. With his ghost friends stuck in the school library, Mr. Plonsky could only chuckle to himself as he thought, “Andrew, you rascal, you’ve done it again!”


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