So, Uh, What the F*ck Happened this Morning?

Thursday– Well, we knew Will Kingham was #dreamy, but we didn’t realize he was THAT #dreamy.

This morning, Mr. Kingham stepped up to the stage in Chapel not to sing, but to speak.  As Will made a beautiful and passionate speech recounting his past hardships and how he has overcome them, several students decided to show solidarity. Mr. Hill got in on the fun too by constantly changing the lights and getting rid of all mics. Empathy FTW!

Luckily, everyone is now fine, but that is all thanks to the swift, clean, and flawless response by the faculty.  Most students didn’t realize anything bad was going on at all!  However, unaffected by the sounds of walkie-talkies, a few of the more vigilant kids managed to catch a glimpse of Dr. Kolman discretely striding around the outer ring of the Chapel and whispering instructions to every single Upper School teacher (including twice to Mr. Morehouse on the stage–bet you didn’t notice that!)

Unfortunately, I was one of those students who did notice.  Was I terrified?  Maybe.  Did I think our school was under attack or that North Korea had just sent a nuclear bomb in our direction and that we were all going to die?  Hey, I wasn’t the only one! With the always outspoken Brenton Jaffe ’21 nowhere to be found, Coco Carragher ’21 provided us with the freshmen sentiment. “Um, I feel like what happened this morning was serious and you probably shouldn’t be writing about it in a satire magazine.  It just doesn’t feel right.” Ha!  Told you I wasn’t the only one freaking out!

But thankfully Dr. Kolman later informed us all that the commotion was just the teachers bringing our backpacks up to the Swamp because they didn’t want us to be late to class.  Phew!  That was very kind and thoughtful of them.

The rest of the morning unfolded as one of the most eventful hours in Trinity history.  When Mr. Morehouse announced the start of the meditation, Ms. Ali and Ms. Guggenheimer walked quickly over to the left-side Chapel doors with their game faces on.  Each one of them crossed their arms and managed their post, ready to guard that door and fight to the death if they had to. After Chapel, any students trying to get a glimpse at the 101 found themselves faced with some red and blue flashing lights partially blocked by half a dozen signs explaining the plight of undocumented immigrants in our country (can someone please tell me what those signs are and why they are in our school’s art exhibit!?) And finally, judging that emotions were running high, the faculty let Mr. Allman’s dog loose in the Swamp. Unfortunately, I missed that.  I was busy watching the half dozen policemen talking to Dr. Kolman in the lobby.

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