“What?” Asks Underwhelmed Senior Promposed to in The Garlic

Thursday– Riya Kapoor ’18 was in for a surprise this morning as Will Cramer ’18, Supreme Leader of The Garlic, thought it would be fun to use his platform to ask Ms. Kapoor to prom. However, Mr. Cramer’s enthusiasm was not to be reciprocated.

The plan was simple, elegant, the author would even argue, brilliant. Priority number one was to ask Ms. Kapoor in a Garlic article, but Mr. Cramer needed to find a way to be there when she read it. After days of contemplation, he figured it out: Will should ask Ms. Kapoor in the one class they share, Spanish Conversation with Sra. Ortigosa. Even better, he could do it in his end of year presentation. Nevermind the fact he had already given his end of year presentation, literally nobody in the class, probably not even Señora, was paying enough attention to notice.

And now here we are! After recovering from her initial shock and disappointment, Ms. Kapoor remarked, “every time I imagined my promposal, I pictured flowers and my friends holding cute posters, but this is okay too…” Ms. Kapoor was disappointed Will couldn’t think of any better way to ask her to prom but felt obligated to say yes because everyone would know if she said no. (I hope that last part holds true.)

Some critics pointed out that promposing four days before the actual event was an ambitious move. Little do they realize, however, that Riya literally never goes to school and Will has called off a multitude of plans over the past few weeks. (And Mom, if you’re reading this, Ha! I finally did it, so please leave me alone now.)

The promposal was not without some redeeming factors. Mr. Cramer brought Ms. Kapoor flowers in case the article wasn’t well received. That was a good call…


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