Give-Back Day: After Four Years of Taking Janitorial/Cafeteria/Security Staff For Granted, Seniors Return The Favor By Participating In Lower School Gym Class

Monday– Wow! Trinity has many traditions, none more impressive than what we saw today! Although there is no community service requirement, the Class of 2018 decided to give back to the community anyway. That’s right, in an effort to say thank you, Seniors found different activities in which they could lend a hand to faculty members who have helped them in the past. Did they help pick up trash? Did they spend hours preparing meals for lower schoolers? (To be fair, rumor has it Miller might have made brownies.) Did they stand at the security desk and watch you try to open the door, slowly realize it’s locked, wait one extra second to make you extremely uncomfortable, and right when you start to look back at the desk click the button that allows you to pull the door open?

I spent my day helping out with the math mural. This seemed like a good idea in theory, but the funny thing about theories is that mine are, to quote Dr. Anderson, “Delusional and in no way plausible in this world. I don’t know why you waste your time, much less my time, discussing things that lack logic, common sense–summarily, any semblance of intelligence.” I quickly realized that painting is hard. And I am colorblind. And colors are an important part of painting. So, that didn’t work out too well.

Even though my work was quickly painted over, I contributed more than most seniors, many of whom did not show up for their activities. When asked what was more important than spending his day organizing the athletic closets, one senior replied, “Not organizing the athletic closets.” He raises a fair point…

When asked what inspired these selfless acts, Cornelius Princeton III let a wide smile creep across his fact. “Since I was a young boy, my parents have always told me that philanthropy is an important way to give back and avoid taxes.”

Trinity has countless unsung heroes: the janitors that work late nights picking up the mess we make each day and making sure the school is spotless for us in the morning, the Cafeteria staff that labors to provide fresh meals and even fresher memes, and the Security team that makes sure only the right people can enter the school and that you left your access card on the desk before leaving.

Charlotte H. Cromack ’19 was in awe of the Seniors’ kind actions. “It’s inspiring to see Trinity’s leaders giving back to the people who need it the most: unaware lower schoolers and teachers with messy desks.”

The always outspoken Brenton Jaffe ’21 agreed. “Sometimes I’ll see some people working late, and think that we don’t don’t do enough to give back at this school. But today, the Class of 2018 restored my faith that it’s all fair, and whatever we take for granted over four years of high school will be amended one day.”

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