Every Time Elizabeth Shah Has Lit the Candles During Chapel, Ranked by How Much It Made Us Fall in Love with Her

Elizabeth Shah. Whenever we hear her name, we are instantly reminded of how much we are in love with her. Since our strong feelings for this incredibly special woman were born out of her frequent Chapel appearances, we sat down to rank every time Elizabeth Shah has lit the candles during chapel by how much it intensified our feelings of immense love for her.

6. 04/06/17

Coming in at the bottom of the list is Elizabeth’s Chapel appearance last April. The only reason this day ranks so low was because it was a bad day for people with pollen allergies so a lot of kids were sneezing and coughing. These disruptions distracted us from fully appreciating Elizabeth’s beauty, but we could still all sense how incredible the woman in front of us on stage was.

5. 03/15/18

On March 15th this year, Elizabeth lit the candles with her usual exquisite form. The reason this performance is low on the list is because it was the day after the walkout so a lot of people’s minds were in different places. Still, after a long week, it was a great relief for all of us to see Elizabeth’s soothing presence on stage and think, I am in love with this girl so much I would literally die for her.

4. 10/27/16

Elizabeth’s pre-Halloween candle lighting last school year was so powerful that half of the student body instantly changed their Halloween costumes to dress as Elizabeth. In a truly gorgeous performance, Elizabeth lit the candles with the gentle touch of a dove. Her reassuring disposition as she took her seat and folded her hands in her lap sent shivers down our spines. All of us spent the next forty minutes staring at her longingly.

3. 01/11/18

Everyone knows how long and hard January can be, but seeing Elizabeth walk across the stage in a magical white blouse at 8:17 a.m. really made our January 11th. The elegance and power in her stride stretched out time. On this day, all the seniors were devastated when they realized they only had four more months to see such a graceful figure in the halls. For the sophomores and juniors, their love for Elizabeth instantly intensified to the point where they realized they would save Elizabeth’s life over their own mother’s if it came down to it. The freshmen, new to adult love, realized no romance would ever match the one they wanted with Elizabeth.

2. 03/03/16

This was Elizabeth’s first ever Chapel appearance and it was this day when she planted the seed of love in every single Trinity students’ heart. Being the first freshman to ever  light the candles on stage, Elizabeth’s presence alone revealed an admirable boldness. But the way she walked. Oh, the way she walked. Even the teachers were breathless. Never before had their been someone who marked the Chapel stage with so much beauty, so much charm, so much friendly passion. Never before had the candles been lit so elegantly, the fire started with such glamor, the lighter turned off with such poise. And the way she sat down afterwards. Oh, the way she sat down. A careful folding of her skirt, a gentle smile, and then the knowing look she addressed the audience. Absolutely extraordinary. We have chills just thinking about it.

1. 11/23/17

The number one spot goes to Elizabeth’s November 23 appearance this year. Not only did she light those candles with a touch so divine that it made angels jealous, but she also read the thoughts and prayers bit at the end. That was truly something incredible. I mean, we’ve all heard Elizabeth speak before, and we’ve even heard her do the meditation before, but nothing could have prepared us for the candle-lighting-prayer-reading combo. As the fire of the candles danced sensually in the background, Elizabeth spilled her heart out onto the stage and reminded all of us why we are all willing to die for this girl, why we are willing to kill for this girl, and why we are willing to burn cities to the ground for this girl. Her words stirred the masses. Half of the student body vowed then and there to dedicate their lives to helping the homeless in our cities, the poor, and the oppressed. Even Sons of Pitches Superfan Ed Schmidt ’71 vowed to switch his allegiances to Nothing But Treble.

Ultimately, it was extremely difficult to compile this list. Elizabeth has been a source of light in the darkness for three years now, and as we buckle down into the final week of school, our breathtaking love for this girl will motivate us to endure. Though she may be done lighting candles for the year, we still have another year of magic to look forward to.

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