Guess What? You Will Never See Your Friends from Your Summer Program Again

Wednesday— We get it, you saved turtles in Costa Rica and now you truly understand what it means to be selfless. Or, you went to Indonesia and pet an elephant and it showed you that social media is superficial and true relationships come from raw emotion. Or, you were one of the two million people who spent their summer on the campus of an esteemed Ivy League institution because you are “really just trying to see if the school is the right fit for you” which translates to, “I have some deluded idea that this college will give a sh*t that I’m here.” And of course we know that the friends you met there “have forever changed you and taught you how to be the best person you could ever be,” and you and your significant other of two weeks really did have the perfect summer romance. We saw the instagram captions, the snapchat stories, we know “this isn’t goodbye, just a see you soon.” But guess what? It is goodbye. We hates to the bearer of bad news, but you’re never gonna make that trip to North Carolina for your “reunion” that will “definitely happen” and your now funny snapchat streaks will morph into blank faces and eventually stop all together. Maybe you should just let go now. Or maybe I am just a cynical senior who is feeling moody and doesn’t know where to apply to college. Either way shut the f*ck up.

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