Is this what it’s come to? Really? I think Merriam-Webster defines “Rock Bottom” as reading the About page on any website. And don’t even bother telling me that Merriam Webster doesn’t define phrases, I don’t care. Anyways, you’ve made it this far, you might as well learn something here. The Garlic was founded in 2017 by Will Cramer ’18, Deen Amanat ’19, and Andrew Kornfeld ’19 to bring a few laughs to the emotional wasteland that is Trinity School. Although we may be the only satire magazine at Trinity, you can never be too cautious, so we have confidently staked claim to the title, “Trinity’s Premier Vegetable-Themed Satire Magazine.”


William Cramer ’18                  Deen Amanat ’19              Andrew Kornfeld ’19

Daily Dish Contributors

Will Cramer ’18, Andrew Kornfeld’19, Deen Amanat’19, Natalie Mogul ’18, Ignacio Lopez-Gaffney ’18, Conrad Slorer ’20, Julie Sykes ’19, Jaharia Knowles ’21, Andrew Cramer ’21 and Henry Kates ’19.

Faculty Advisor 

Mr. Mario Maullon

Chief Technology Officer

Will Cramer ’18